the glass

The glass,  I look to the glass. My life is diminished by your departure. I look to the glass, when do I replenish it? When do I drink again? My thirst is so debilitating how do I quench it?  I look to the glass. When life diminishes my love to others by loss, when do I replenish and renew? When grief and pain fill the lovely crystal, when do I dump it, clean it and bring it back to its full beauty ready to be refilled? When heartache is so strong, how do I replenish? Who do I look to? How can this pain be diminished instead of my life being diminished by your absence? Our love is only diminished by my weakened, sad and empty life. I don’t live up to the laughter and love we shared. I don’t give worth to the family we built together when my anger and sadness rips me apart. I look to the glass. Full, empty, dirty, crystal clear, lovely or chipped it is my glass from which to drink. How can I fill it again with replenishment that will quench the pain in my heart? How can I fill our lives with love and joy again? I can cleanse it with my tears, but must polish it and let them dry to see the full beauty. You were so much of the beauty and love that I knew; I find it hard to move without you. I feel so paralyzed and only wanting to go back to where we stood still and gave love and life a chance to prosper. And through that prosperity we grew and were renewed. We were made new with love. Our thirsts were quenched by risking to love. I long to love again. I long for joy again. I just don’t know how to look at the glass. It always seems half empty now…I want the full glass back. Please give me the opportunity and strength to fill the lovely glass again.


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