We need to seek the end of cancer

Today, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about cancer being eradicated. It is one of my deepest hopes that someday this planet and it’s inhabitants will be cancer free. Cancer took so much from me. Today, Stand Up 2 Cancer, holds a televised fund raising event.  They have really had the opportunity to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer. They put money there and when Patrick Swayze spoke publicly there about his cancer, a threshold was passed.  There is a new awareness on this deadly cancer and gratefully more money going to research toward prevention and cure.  I don’t get on my soap box too often, but today I am feeling it…I am blue, I miss my life before cancer knocked on our door and took my husband.  If you can, watch, pledge and pray for a cure to cancer.  So many like me have had their lives turned upside down by cancer.  Let’s stop it! I know we can!

Here is a piece I wrote over four years ago in July 2006 as I continued my journey toward peace in my life.  Although several more years have passed, my feelings are still well expressed in this piece…

To Cancer.

My dear foe.

I am writing to thank you. Over the past 15 months, I have been very angry with you. You caught me by surprise and stole my greatest gift on this earth…my husband. Now it is time for me to forgive you and thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that true love is between two open and loving spirits, not two physical bodies.

Thank you for taking me to levels of intimacy with my husband that I may have never known…a place where strength, loyalty, love and care are met with a gaze into another’s eyes.

Thank you for showing me that I was on the path God had chosen for me…a path of bringing loving, open spirits to God where only eternal love will fill them.

Thank you for showing me that I am a healer…perhaps not of the physical body, but of the heart and spirit.

Thank you for again letting me prove my power and strength as a loving being…to sit with my husband in our saddest moments and still be in awe of God that I was given the privilege to be there.

Thank you for showing me the love of others around me and that although my husband had to leave earth, he left me the two most significant things in his life beside me…our sons.

Thank you for helping me grow into the loving, forgiving, healing, tender, vulnerable woman that I am becoming because I will continue to become a better person because you touched my life and took my husband.

I will be a more loving and patient person, parent, spirit because you showed me that at any minute life on earth can pass.

I will be a caregiver to the ill and broken hearted because you have opened the door to these gifts inside me.

I will always be tender to a stranger and loving to my enemies, because they too may have heart break that stabs their heart like a spear.

So thank you cancer. You have been a worthy foe and have shown me the grace of God in a new way. You have shown me that there truly is no evil that love and God cannot overcome. Together with God, I will fight all evil that preys on his people…with a heart that knows pain and love.



Your worthy opponent


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