Authenticity is what I long for

A safe place to fall

Welcoming arms to hold me

A joyful smile that knows me


Truthfulness that is raw

Hearts that are intertwined

Souls that combine in melody

Eyes that meet with a knowing glance


Fleeting are these things.

Fickle are their ways.

Permanence unknown


Where did it come from?

How will it return?

These are the mysteries before me

I stumble through the doubt of what I thought was truth.


Authenticity return

Open the door to my heart

Help my being sing once more

Join in my song


Self doubt prevails although I ask it to leave,

Sadness squeaks back through into my mind.

It can be so loud

Letting fear dominate


Believe in authenticity

It will return

In a package unknown

Twinkle, hope, openness, all present

All waiting


Waiting for a safe place to fall

Waiting for welcoming arms to enfold me

Waiting for a joyful smile that knows me well

Waiting for authenticity


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