The monthly hop!

Welcome back everyone!  It’s hopping time again!

I hope you enjoy the following links.

How to Participate:

1. Visit each of the links below and read their post. Leave them a comment with encouragement, commiseration, community, or however else the post touches you.

Samantha of the Crazy Courage blog

Janine of One Breath At A Time

Red’s The M3 Blog

Becky’s Choosing Grace Today

Marriott of Miracles and Answers to the Prayers in the Life of Marriott Cole

Robin of The Fresh Widow

Tim’s Diary of a Widower

Running Forward: Abel Keogh’s Blog

Carolyn at Modern Widow’s Club

Andrea of International Brotherhood of Single Mothers

Tamara of Artful Living After Loss

Jessica at Buttons to Beans

Missing Bobby: A Widow’s Journey

The Grief Toolbox

Ferree of Widow’s Christian Place

From Me to We: A Young Widow’s Journey

Happy hopping!

Thanks again to Samantha for making the hop happen each month!


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