Time to hop again…

Greetings All,

It is that time of month again.  Please take time to visit, read and comment at any of the blogs listed below.  Thank you for stopping by Widow Island and thank you to Samantha for another month of coordinating this great idea~

Samantha of the Crazy Courage blog
Janine of One Breath At A Time
Red’s The M3 Blog
Christine of Widow Island
Tim’s Diary of a Widower
Running Forward: Abel Keogh’s Blog
Tamara of Artful Living After Loss
Jessica at Buttons to Beans
Missing Bobby: A Widow’s Journey
The Grief Toolbox
Ferree of Widow’s Christian Place
The Widow’s Mite: Encouragement for Widows

Enjoy reading.  I hope that this words bring you great comfort and a feeling of solidarity.  Don’t forget to comment!



5 thoughts on “Time to hop again…

  1. Christine, I’m Virginia from The Widow’s Mite:Encouragement for Widows. I read your post on ‘Faith’ and oh, how I can/do relate! After I lost my first husband (14 yrs ago), I went through my own faith testing. I too, worried about my daughters in watching my faith fall apart. My faith is nothing like what it was prior to their father’s death, but what I have today is a purer faith (the organized church world would no doubt question that but I don’t march to its music). I’d rather march to God’s! I would love to get better acquainted with you!

    • cmt says:

      Thanks Virginia! I am glad to hear a story of someone further down this road than me…it is comforting and I love the words “purer faith”…I truly think that is the direction I am headed. Thanks for reading!

  2. txmomx6 says:

    I like Virginia’s comment. I’ve had a deep faith for a very long time, but I, too, feel like it’s a “purer” faith. Great way to put it.

  3. The blog hop is a wonderful opportunity for others to read the words of woman and men that have walked down a path that is not so desirable. we are all survivors!

  4. As a ‘newbie’ to blogging, this was my first blog hop. It opened my eyes to see how many ‘surviving brothers & sisters’ I have out there–all bravely taking a day at a time. It comforts me to read the words of those walking the same road I’m traveling. Thanks you, Samantha and Christine, for the opportunity to participate in the blog hop.

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